Amadis Chemical

Founded in 2011, Amadis Chemical Company Limited is an innovative manufacturer of chemical products and technical service providers. 
Our business : 1. Chemicals catalog; 2. Bulk quotation; 3. International trade; 4. Custom synthesis
Our products : 1. Building Blocks; 2.Nucleosides&Nucleotides; 3. Bioactives&Inhibitors

New Products

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Building Blocks

Amadis Chemical is serving the customers worldwide with over 30,000+ building blocks, include benzenes, heterocycles, boronic acids, amino acids, and chiral compounds.


Ribonucleosides are our quality products. Amadis Chemical has 10 years of synthetic experience in carbohydrates, nucleosides, nucleotides, and phosphoramidite.


Amadis Chemical supplies over 3000 products of Small Molecule Inhibitors/Activators,  Peptides, and Modified Nucleotides. Which are used in over 20 different research areas.


Amadis Chemical specialize in the custom synthesis of complex organic compounds for use as reference standards by the bio-medical and pharmaceutical industries around the world.
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