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Custom synthesis

At Amadis Chemical we have a highly experienced team of scientists with the expertise and enthusiasm required to meet the demands of customers. We provide custom synthesis of various scaffolds, building blocks, reference compounds and novel reagents to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, universities and research institutions, on scales ranging from a few milligrams to several kilograms. Our highly efficient and professional project management group and chemistry team hold the key to our consistent success. We deliver not only compounds but also reliable, high quality organic synthesis service. We listen carefully to customers' concerns and needs and address each promptly and effectively. We commit ourselves to be the best organic chemistry outsourcing provider for drug discovery and biotechnology companies. The infrastructure includes: An R&D staff experienced in both theoretical and synthetic organic chemistry; Flexible project development from lab scale to ton quantities; Substantial R&D and ongoing new product development; Process optimization and/or synthetic design; Broad reaction portfolio with cryogenic capabilities through production scale; Multi-purpose pilot plants operating in close cooperation with Research and Analytical services; In-house analytical services including 400 MHz NMR, LC-MS, LC-GC, RC1 and HPLC/GC; cGMP Kilo-lab and cGMP Pilot Plant; QA/QC; Strong commitment to EH&S.
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